MIIN To Carry Out An Assessment Of Internship Supply And Demand

Many sectors of the Irish labour market are reporting shortages in qualified applicants for open roles and the marine industry is no different.  However, with the general growth of the marine industry in Ireland, and the increasing focus on services to the offshore renewable sector, amongst others, we are seeing a demand for new specialist skills.  

We also note an increased demand across the Higher Education sector to develop internship programmes with a variety of industrial sectors to meet Ireland's short- and medium-term skills demands. We would like to ensure that the marine industry in general, & MIIN members in particular, are at the forefront of this competition for talent.

We are carrying out an assessment of the supply/demand of internship and work placement programmes across Higher Education and the Marine Ireland Industry Network. The assessment will help inform the knowledge base for MIIN and ensure, at the very least, that the Higher Education sector sees the marine industry as a cohesive, progressive opportunity and steer talent in our direction.

Flagship Maritime Consultants Ltd is a marine & offshore consulting specialist with extensive experience in labour market reporting, marine and related recruitment, and training and education development. Following a competitive process they have been appointed consultants to carry out this assessment and will shortly be making contact with MIIN members to discuss the experience and/or interest in available internship programmes.


More information coming soon.