GKinetic Energy secures patent in India for Hydrokinetic Turbine

[Source: Offshore-Energy.biz | Nadja Skopljak]

MIIN Member Company GKinetic Energy has secured a patent in India for its hydrokinetic turbine, representing the tenth patent awarded to the company.

GKinetic announced it had a patent granted in India covering its accelerator and water turbine assembly design. Indian Patent No. 508411 is said to be the tenth patent granted for the company, with three others in progress.

Other territories with granted patents include Australia, Canada, Chile, Indonesia, two in the USA, China, France and Great Britain.

“With a population of approximately 1.4 billion and the world’s fastest major growing economy, India’s energy demand is growing rapidly. They are already the 4th largest producer of renewable energy in the world,” GKinetic said.

“With the security of this latest patent, GKinetic Energy looks forward to broadening their network in India and exploring potential commercial opportunities.”

GKinetic’s hydrokinetic energy converter can generate clean, reliable electricity from the natural kinetic movement found in free-flowing water.

According to the company, there are no dams or permanent civil infrastructure needed and it can be easily relocated or removed if needed. Above the surface, all that can be seen is a low-profile platform that houses all the electrical equipment for the unit.

Underneath the water are two vertical-axis hydrokinetic turbines that are turned by the force of the water to generate predictable, local energy.

In remote communities where energy usage is lower, one 12kW turbine can power an entire village of 80-90 homes, GKinetic said.