Irish Lights announces construction of enhanced visitor experience facilities at Loop Head Lighthouse.

[Source: Irish Lights]

Irish Lights welcomes the announcement of the approval by An Bord Pleánala for the construction of enhanced visitor experience facilities at Loop Head Lighthouse.

"We are delighted that approval has been granted for the enhancement of visitor facilities at Loop Head Lighthouse and we congratulate our Great Lighthouses of Ireland partner, Clare County Council," said Yvonne Shields O’ Connor, CEO of Irish Lights. "This project aligns perfectly with our mission to promote the rich maritime and lighthouse heritage of Ireland, north and south, and provide unforgettable experiences for visitors in a sustainable way. Anyone familiar with Loop Head will know what a unique setting it is and it’s great to see this project get the required approval. "

The Great Lighthouses of Ireland partnership across 17 lighthouse sites delivers 23 unique tourism experiences. The partnership is led by Irish Lights, who founded it in 2015, and is made up of public, private and community sector partners. It delivers an estimated €16.8m in economic benefit annually and supports over 400 direct and indirect jobs in coastal communities. It offers visitors the opportunity to stay at or visit a lighthouse and to enjoy experiences and tours based around the vicinity of the lighthouse.

The project's approval comes after extensive consultation and planning, with a focus on sustainability and conservation. To book your Great Lighthouses of Ireland adventure go to


About The Commissioners of Irish Lights

The mission of Irish Lights is Safe Navigation at Sea.  We are a maritime organisation delivering essential 24/7 safety and navigation services around the coast of Ireland (North and South), 365 days a year. Our vision is to protect lives, property, trade and the environment by delivering next generation maritime services at the interface of navigation technology, engineering and data management.  Playing a lead role in maritime safety, Irish Lights operates a 24-hour emergency response function.  

Irish Lights is responsible for Maritime Aids to Navigation under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention. This remit includes the provision and maintenance of over 340 general aids to navigation, the superintendence of approx. 3,500 local aids to navigation, and marking or removing dangerous wrecks outside harbour areas around Ireland.

Irish Lights also provides a range of navigation and contract commercial services including ship charter, buoy and maritime data. We provide value added services to support the development of the broader maritime economy including Met and Coastal Data Services. The Irish Lights tourism and heritage initiative, ‘Great Lighthouses of Ireland' was developed in partnership with local communities and offers visitors from home and abroad the chance to visit or stay in a working lighthouse.   

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Emergency Response: For aids to navigation contact our 24-hour emergency response number on 01-2801996