Standardisation of hybrid power systems for marine applications

[Source: Daretech]

Daretech, with support from SEAI’s 2021 RD&D programme, have been developing their range of hybrid power systems for the marine sector. With electrical requirements currently supplied by diesel gensets there is a significant opportunity to reduce operating costs & emissions in the marine sector.

Hybrid power systems allow users to minimise generator running hours by providing power from optimally charged marine certified batteries. This optimised power delivery reduces emissions and costs. The autonomously operated hybrid system integrate seamlessly with existing equipment with full remote control and monitoring. The data gathered during operation is analysed to deliver peak system performance metrics.

Project activities focussed on electrical system categorisation and data collection from existing marine users. The test data collected provided a basis for the standardisation of a range of hybrid system sizes within specific user requirements. These base specifications can be further customised to include renewable generation or additional monitoring of a range of sensors as required.

The remaining project activities will see detailed system design concluded in advance of project completion in Q3 2023. Project updates and open-source data are available from