Jospa Ltd

Small Medium Enterprise (SME)
Patrick Duffy

Jospa Ltd. has invented and patented an ocean propulsion technology, 100 percent wave-driven (using the orbital motion effect) with PV and batteries for controls. This is an “USV” – Unmanned Surface Vessel: its technology will be used for a variety of Military, Security, Offshore Energy and Scientific applications. It can also give rise to completely new applications.

Jospa’s USV is expected to offer all functions of standard USV’s, but with distinct advantages, viz:

  • Movement in all directions in the oceans, including travel against waves, zero fossil fuel
  • Ability to pull large loads
  • Can dynamically hold position
  • Extremely survivable

Jospa’s goal is to take a major share of the growing USV market, and to also create separate uncontested niches in that market. When established, it may be used to pull large low-value loads – ores etc., over long distances, cutting ocean transport costs dramatically.

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