Marine Institute (4 vacancies)


The Marine Institute are hiring! 📢🌊

The Marine Institute are currently recruiting for the following 4 vacancies:

🔸 Administrative Assitant - Research Vessel Operations (RVOps) - Closes May 14th
🔹 Postdoctoral Researcher - Marine Beacon Project - Closes May 22nd
🔸 Team Leader - Data Services (SEAI Funded) - Closes May 23rd
🔹 Laboratory Analyst - Phytoplankton Laboratory - Closes May 23rd

Position: Temporary Administrative Assistant – Research Vessel Operations (RVOps)
Reference: OCIS/AA/RVOPS/APR24
Grade & Contract: Administrative Assistant (Executive Officer). Specified Purpose Contract for a maximum duration of up to 15th April 2028 (redeployment cover)
Service Group: Ocean Science and Information Services (OCIS)
Location: Marine Institute HQ, Renville, Oranmore, Co. Galway (Blended Working Policy)
Salary: €35,687 - €58,251
Closing Date: Tuesday 14th May 2024 @ 12 noon

Principal Tasks:

  • Maintain all administrative records for the RV programme, Foreign Vessel Observer program and Diplomatic clearance process.  
  • Maintain and update the Marine Facilities planning system (MFP); adding new users, surveys and logistical information and supporting end users.  
  • Provide support to Chief Scientists regarding logistics, MFP, certification required etc.
  • Liaise with the Department of Foreign Affairs to ensure diplomatic clearance documentation is submitted and received pre survey.
  • Assist with procurement projects including preparation of tender documents and filing of tender material.  
  • Attendance at Formal Liaison meetings with vessel services provider and production of meeting minutes.
  • Promoting and running the Foreign Vessel Observer Scheme; processing incoming and outgoing Diplomatic clearances applications. 
  • Organise and coordinate the administrative support for all Marine Ops meetings and seminars.
  • Prepare and collate content and statistical information for annual reports and other reports and publications as required. 
  • Develop and maintain web-based communications and content including website and social media. Updating team procedural documents as required.
  • Adhering to paper and electronic document and data archive practices.
  • Assist with organisation, logistics and hospitality related to meetings and seminars organised and attended by the team.
  • Assisting with the coordination of project budgets to include:
    • Maintain all RV Operations budgetary tracking and monitoring as required.
    • Developing and generating regular project expenditure reports and inputting to other reports as required.
    • Liaise with P&O Maritime’s Accountancy team regarding invoicing & budgetary issues and reconcile monthly invoices received.  
    • Manage the team’s income spreadsheet, creating, updating and ensuring all invoicing for vessel charter is complete. 
    • Track all procurement related documents and processes (e.g. Purchase Orders, approvals etc.) ensuring all necessary documentation is in place and filed as per public procurement guidelines. 
    • Maintain the Fixed Asset Register for RV Ops procured assets.

Any other duties, relevant to this position as required from time to time.

Read the full job description here.


Position: Postdoctoral Researcher - Marine Beacon Project
Grade & Contract: Postdoctoral Researcher - Temporary specified purpose contract for a maximum duration of 48 months, funded under the EU Horizon Europe Marine Beacon Project.  Service Group: Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services (FEAS)
Location: Marine Institute HQ, Renville, Oranmore, Co. Galway (Blended Working Policy)
Salary: €43,908 - €50,302
Closing Date: Wednesday 22nd May 2024 @ 12 noon

Principal Tasks:

The main tasks will be linked to the overall project work, and the research in Irish waters in particular. This will include:

  • Collate species occurrence and abundance data from multiple data sources including national monitoring programmes and fisheries independent surveys
  • Produce spatial and temporal distribution maps of PET elasmobranch species in Irish waters
  • Produce robust species-level estimation of bycatch, generating new and improved bycatch rates and total bycatch estimates for Irish fisheries
  • Map and identify high risk bycatch areas in Irish waters
  • Determine vulnerability of PETS in Irish waters, including for seabirds
  • Validate bycatch risk and vulnerability methods using fisher’s knowledge through the use of interviews and participatory workshops
  • Maintain an overview of the published and grey literature related to the project.
  • Help work on the project where the MI is involved, and collaborate on other project work as appropriate. 
  • Present the work at local, national and international meetings, including project meetings.
  • Publish regular articles in peer reviewed journals.
  • Carry out any other duties assigned from time to time, appropriate to the position.
  • Other outputs to ensure delivery of the project, appropriate to the grade and role as required from time to time. 

Read the full job description here.


Position: Team Lead SEAI SLA – Data Services
Grade & Contract: Team lead (ENG II) Grade. Specified Purpose Contract (SEAI SLA funded up to Dec 2026 with optional 2 year extension to 2028)
Service Group: Ocean Science and Information Services (OCIS)
Location: Marine Institute HQ, Renville, Oranmore, Co. Galway (Blended Working Policy)
Salary: €71,082 - €86,686
Closing Date: Thursday 23rd May 2024 @ 12 noon

Principal Tasks:

  • Define the technical implementation plan for the development of data and information services for the SmartBay test site, Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) and other remote sensing equipment collecting resource (wave, wind and tidal) at identified sites around Ireland
  • Provide ongoing technical direction and support, aligned with the Institute’s technical architecture and practice, for data management and infrastructure related projects under the SEAI SLA.
  • Support connectivity with national and international projects and networks (,, to provide regional access to marine data and information. 
  • Ensure the application of the Institute’s internationally accredited Data Management Quality Management Framework to related data processes in conjunction with personnel from across the OCIS teams.
  • Make available a range of data from sensors, labs, numerical models and satellite sources from the Marine Institute and external partners.
  • Definition and development of data research projects and related data research and development infrastructure.
  • Participate in regular reviews in conjunction with the appropriate staff and/or service provider to ensure that client requirements are met and that on-going value for money is assured.
  • Support clients’ requirements where possible to ensure satisfaction with existing services.
  • Attend relevant meetings on behalf of the Marine Institute (as defined by the appropriate Section Manager or Director).
  • Work with OCIS and MI support staff to ensure financial, reporting and administrative deadlines are met.
  • Participate as required in liaison with other Government Bodies, research centres and universities, both national and international.
  • Any other duties relevant to the project, grade and role as required from time to time.

Read the full job description here.


Position: Laboratory Analyst – Phytoplankton Laboratory
Grade & Contract: Laboratory Analyst Grade  Temporary Specified Purpose Contract covering career break until 14th April 2028
Service Group: Marine Environment and Food Safety Services
Location: Castletownbere, Co. Cork with an initial 3-6month training period based at MI headquarters in Oranmore, Co. Galway.
Salary: €38,884 - €64,455
Closing Date: Thursday 23rd May 2024 @ 12 noon

Principal Tasks: 

This role requires a flexible approach to work and the possession of good inter-personal skills for working in a shared laboratory and office environment. Familiarity with the National Monitoring Programmes for Biotoxin and Phytoplankton is a necessary attribute for this position. It would also be necessary for the candidate to have a full driving license and experience working in the field and at sea (on small boats or research vessels) as may be required. The working environment will involve many methods that are accredited to ISO 17025. 

The candidate will be responsible for carrying out a range of duties consistent with the work described above.  These include:

  • Analysis of Marine water samples for identification and enumeration of phytoplankton species
  • Input data into the Marine Institute databases and reporting on Phytoplankton results to management staff within the institute
  • To contribute to all aspects of the MEFSS quality system as required, for example undertaking of internal audits and participation in various quality control groups.
  • To contribute to assessment of data and assist with preparation of reports as required to update monitoring databases and assist with ad-hoc data reporting requirements  
  • Successful participation in inter-comparison exercises
  • Liaise with stakeholders in the shellfish industry such as shellfish farmers, SFPA, FSAI and EPA on sample collection, preservation methods and preparation of sampling kits.  
  • Participation as required at meetings both internal and external and preparation of synopses of Phytoplankton monitoring for internal and external use.
  • Assist in research projects in the area of phytoplankton monitoring and analysis, undertaken by the phytoplankton lab.
  • Any other duties relevant to the post, grade and role as required from time to time. 

Read the full job description here.

How to Apply:

A C.V. and letter of application, summarising experience and skill set applicable to the position should be emailed to or posted to Human Resources at the Marine Institute, Rinville, Oranmore, Galway, H91 R673 before the above mentioned closing date.

All correspondence for the desired post should quote reference one of the following:

  • Administrative Assistant – Reference: OCIS/AA/RVOPS/APR24
  • Postdoctoral Researcher – Reference: FEAS/PDR/BEACON/MAY24
  • Team Leader – Reference: OCIS/TL/SEAI/MAY24
  • Laboratory Assistant – Reference: MEFS/LA/PHYTO/CTB/MAY24