MIIN Member Spotlight - Exceedence

For July's #MIINMemberSpotlight, we spoke to Georgina Foley, Commercial Head at Exceedence.

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Introduce yourself and the organisation. What is your role and focus area?

Hi, I'm Georgina Foley and I'm the Commercial Head at Exceedence.

At Exceedence, we're a software company. We've got fantastic software - technical, financial, modelling software called Exfin, and we're also an advisory group. So, we do a lot of commercial work as well for the developer community in Offshore Renewable Energy.

What is your organisation’s unique selling point? Are you developing any new products or innovations?

Our unique selling point is definitely our Exfin software. It's very unique to the market, it doesn't exist anywhere else. It marries the technical and the financial elements of these energy projects. It combines the two together to give a more holistic scenario. And then, of course, it's been engineered to enable rapid, instantaneous scenario analysis. So all of the developers can stress test their project, optimise it, and find the best scenario and go a bit deeper.

So, what we do is very unique on that front.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for your company as part of Ireland’s Marine Industry in the coming 5-10 years?

In terms of opportunity, it's massive for Exceedence, and again, it's the Exfin software, with its unique capability and ability to have these developers really get a handle on the costs of these projects.

At the end of the day, there's so many projects out there, so many different resources, so many different technologies to choose from. But they need to be commercially viable. They need to make commercial sense.

With Exfin, we can really accelerate those decisions and make sure that the best projects get triaged much earlier on, pre-feasibility and site exploration stage, and then they can spend the majority of their time focusing on bringing those [projects] to fruition.

It's a huge opportunity for us. As I say, there's no other software out there that combines the two elements of technical and financial like we do.

What is the biggest challenge, in your opinion, facing businesses like yours in the marine industry today?

Well, look, we're a small company. We have a headcount of ten - that's ten fantastic employees on the team. It's a huge challenge to continue the development. The development of a software is never-ending. If you've got a good software, it's going to constantly evolve. So, it's trying to make sure we're bringing in enough money from commercial sales of the software to really feed and fund into that. That's probably the biggest challenge.

Also, for the developing community, be it consultants, be it the developers themselves, technology, or project developers, to get them to look at a better and quicker way of doing what they've been doing in Excel and patchwork solutions for decades now. It's trying to change their culture and get them to try to embrace a software solution like ours, which is very much an organisational software.

It's an enterprise software that we've developed for the teams. So, it's to break down the silos, even within organisations themselves is quite tricky. So, it is a challenge, but listen, we're up for it.

Is there anything you would like to share with the network?

Anyone who wants to book a demo or learn more about it, please do contact us.
You'll get us at exfinsoftware.com - see you there!

Where can we find more information about Exceedence and Exfin?

Website: exceedance.com, exfinsoftware.com
Facebook: Exceedence Ltd
Twitter: @Exceedence
LinkedIn: Exceedence Ltd, exfin Software

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